We all understand that club culture has emerged in bigger cities, which is growing day by day because of the change of the life-styles and entry of Millennial, who are conscious about not only their reputation but also for their privacy.

As such, there has been an emerging need for Clubs/ Resorts/ Recreational/ Wellness Centers all over the country. If taken an example of Delhi itself, though there are many clubs some of them being Civil Service Officers Club, Defense Services Officers Club, GYMKHANA CLUB, India Investment Center, India Habitat Center etc, but the waiting time is not less than 10 years, which itself speaks about the prospect of the business.

With that in mind, ARPL alongwith CSSOS, whom we facilitate in their activities has ventured into OFFICERS CLUB & RESORT for Central/ State Govt Officers including PSUs/ Banks and select Professionals/ Business class.

We therefore propose to take the land/ properties on lease, entering into Partnerships and giving Franchises (on Minimum Profit Guarantee) of CSSOS OFFICERS CLUB & RESORTS to existing Hotels/ Resorts and Land/ Property owners PAN India.

Hotliers/ Property owners/ Consultants may send their property details with Location/ address/ website along with their proposal whether for (i) LEASE (ii) PARTNERSHIP or (iii) FRANCHISEE on Minimum Profit Guarantee on [email protected] with a copy at [email protected]

Parul Sharma

Chris Coleman - General Manager