Outright Lease

We are one of the low investment and highly profitable Lease opportunities in Hospitality industry.

  • Resorts/ Club/ Lounge/ Hotels Landowners can lease out their property for SHORT TERM LEASE or LONG TERM LEASE with our lease opportunities in Hospitality.
  • Short Term Lease (15years) and Long Term Lease (30years)
  • After every 2.5 years Hotels/ Resorts/ Hotel Land owner will be having a call put option to sell out their property to our organization.
  • If you have required Land/Property and you want to give it on a lease with the best hospitality services, the company will ready to have the Land/Property on a short term lease for 15years' or long term lease for 30 years' time period.
  • Where the locking time period will be the same for short & long term lease on hotel, club, lounge and resort in which is 1 year.
  • If we feel that somehow land is not manageable or giving the profit then also the landowner is in profit as, during the locking period, rent flow will be there.
  • In that case 3 months' advance security after evaluation of the land.