Officers Club

Here we would like to share our Pride as Aditia Realty Pvt Ltd which established for welfare and to serve legacy with luxury life style to all officers from different service departments and people from elite intellectual class of society across India.

History remarks that Clubbing has become a major need of our Life style and our new generation values the most of it. The field of recreation and hospitality is still unexplored in terms of leveraging the potential of clubbing in India.

In this regards, we are looking forward for entrepreneurs/ hoteliers/ resort owners and investors wanting to begin with this opportunity and ready to take their first big step to establish themselves with the legacy of Officers Club across India.

We would like to offer you to take Franchisee of Officers Club in your city and become assured memberships.

We can ensure you that this would be a most profitable opportunity than ever before and will secure your investment for your next generation too.

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