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Fazal Rahiman- The Revolution Behind The Signature Brand 'Grill N Chill'

Food is one of the basic human needs. But, when people started travelling more often and to various destinations, food became a motivation. 'The Art of Fine Dining' has changed in due course. People are more open minded now and not afraid to try new things. Currently, food stops being a necessity and becomes the primary source of enjoyment, and this is what has mainly driven the foodservice tourism sector to the top section of the industry's pyramid. The restaurants are continually breaking new ground to stay current in an ever-competitive landscape. These food joints are making a shift towards simplicity in lieu of fussiness, not only in terms of their menus but also in terms of their décor, their approach to service, and their thematic inclinations. Better, known as a 'Man who did Miracle in Franchise Sales in Quality Food brand', Fazal Rahiman CM, the brilliance behind the Grill N Chill, is one such example, who has put his passion into the food industry and carved himself a name with his creative and eclectic concepts.

Fazal Rahiman C.M, the revolution behind most fastest growing food brand Gill N Chill and an expert in corporate management. Fazal Rahiman C.M has been honoured with much recognition for his position in the food industry and coming up with an excellent ideas as GNC.

Grill N Chill has won:

Best Hygiene Award

Best Grill Award

Best Restocafe Award

Came in Forbes magazine etc.