Features for Franchisee


1). Franchise Hotel name would be as "CSSOS Officers Club & Resort by "Franchise Hotel Name", Approval from Officer Club required.

2). Franchisee would have exclusive jurisdiction for a radius of 10 KM, and thus no further franchisee would be appointed in given radius, They would have to provide a waiver to exclusivity in case franchisee property is insufficient to service the clients provided by CSSOS Officers Club & Resort.

3). In Both FOFO and FOCO, there is a provision of Minimum Guarantee to be paid to investor, which will be backed by Bank Guarantee.

4). Minimum Guarantee will be paid from 7th Month of Operations by the Brand

5). Initial 3 Months, property to be upgraded to start operations, next 3 months for Branding and Promotion, to be done by Franchisee in consultation with CSSOS Officers Club & Resort.

6). Under FOFO Model salary of 3 -5 Heads (Depending on Hotel category type) would be routed through Officers Club by franchisee along with Monthly Royalty, these heads will directly report to CSSOS Officers Club & Resort: Housekeeping | Front desk | Food & Beverage | Operations & Accounts | Banquet

7). The commercials on FOCE will be finalized with all 3 parties' mutual consent.

8). Under FOFO if Franchisee isn't able to achieve revenue equal to or more than the 7th Month defined MG, then Franchisee would be liable to abide by the directions of CSSOS Officers Club & Resort management in regards to HR and or top Hospitality services upgradations.

9). Any Pre-Existing Members of hotels will be strived to convert to CSSOS Officers Club & Resort Members.

10). If Revenue is not met equally to Minimum Guarantee even post 1 year of operations then CSSOS Officers Club & Resort can give the option to Franchisee to convert the FOFO Model into FOCO, Under FOCO conversion officers Club with the best hospitality services in india will offer to the franchisee - either 1.5 times of 1st years operational profit (if any) OR Minimum Guarantee applicable in FOCO Models whichever is higher.

11). Franchise can also exit the contract by paying last year operational profit 10 times to the brand.

12).Under FOFO Model Franchisee can also choose to hand over the operations to a 3rd party which will be empanelled with the officer's club, and this company will take care of the entire management and operations, this model would be called Franchisee owned Company Empaneled (FOCE).

13).The Agreement period will be of 15 years.

14). CSSOS Officers Club & Resort with its luxurious Club, Lounge, Resort and Hotel Franchise in india can exit the contract by running the property minimum for 5 years, if the officer club decides to exit the property before 5 years, then the officer club would be liable to pay the MG for the remaining years for minimum operations required.