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In today’s scenario, a hotel franchise business is renowned as one of the most profitable businesses throughout the world with a lower level of financial risks. With regards to Hotel Franchisee Opportunities, it has been considered extremely profitable if linked with the reliable Brand. With franchising in hospitality industry, one of the greatest benefits you’ll obtain is access to a hotel that already has ideal brand recognition and an established reputation in the hospitality sector. In other words, if you are among the new hotel franchisee buyers in India, as early as you commence your franchisee, you’ll instantly have credibility with your customers. If you decide to invest in CSSOS Officers Club Hotel Resort & Lounge, your customers will recognize and support you as they have strong faith in CSSOS brand and you’ll become more profitable. But the question is “What’s the best hotel Franchisee in India at low investments?” The ultimate answer is CSSOS Officers Club. We at CSSOS Officers Club offer Franchisee Opportunities for Hotel, Club, Resort & Lounges at very affordable rates following a vision to let its members experience a quality Lifestyle.


ARPL (Aditia Realty Pvt. Ltd.) & CSSOS are now coming up with its great Hospitality & Recreational project named ‘CSSOS Officers Club’, Hotel, Lounges, and Resorts to guide our JV/ Lease/ Franchisee partners in promoting productivity with luxurious hospitality services. We follow a lucid aim to let our CSS members experience a premium quality lifestyle with the best-customized services of excellent clubbing, resort & Lounge with trustworthiness, and responsibility. Being the most profitable Hotel Franchisee, we prefer to execute customized local solutions along with the top World-proven practices.

Invest to Become the Best in the Field of Hospitality

We invite you to become Joint Venture, Lease or Franchisee Partner with CSSOS Officers Club, Lounge, Hotel and Resort. CSSOS Officers Club is among India’s highly profitable Project in the hospitality industry whose primary focus is to deliver the best of the best Luxurious lifestyle to government employees and their families. Being one of the highly trusted hospitality franchise opportunities, we are a team of over 50+ professionals who have over 10+ years of experience. Not only our offers include the most affordable and profit-oriented franchise for hotel/ Club/Lounges/Resort but also present exclusive Joint Venture Recreational & Lease Opportunities in Brand association with CSSOS.


  • 1).Association with Brand CSSOS
  • 2).An elite club Supported by the legacy of CSSOS
  • 3).Comprehensive operational and business support provided
  • 4).Secured membership through the public/private sector and credibility.
  • 5).Excellent and quality Hospitality Services with all modern amenities.
  • 6).Experienced management of policymakers with sound business acumen.
  • 7). CSSOS Officers Club is an ideal partnership opportunity with Strong Financial and business support.

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